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We have witnessed an amazing growth of the San Diego Backgammon Club since it’s (re)inception in January, 2023 due to all of our enthusiastic members that share our passion for this amazing game. We have now had nearly 200 different players participate and are averaging more than 30 players per Wednesday. With this growth also come some challenges to accommodate all players and finish the tournament in a reasonable amount of time. The new format as outlined below will allow us to run more smoothly, maintain that everyone gets to play at least two matches, and ensure that we finish at a more reasonable hour.

  • Beginning at 5pm pt we will accept entries into the tournament and continue to do so until 7pm
  • Each weekly event will consist of multiple 16 player brackets (likely 2-3 depending on turnout) that will be randomly drawn as soon as groups of 16 players are registered.
  • Each 16 player tournament will pay 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (1st consolation) in the same format as we have been using to date. 7 point clocked matches in the main draw and 5 point clocked matches in the consolation. Every player is guaranteed two matches but not two losses.
  • The second 16 players will be drawn from players registered in order (ie #17 through #32)
  • If we have more than 32 players we will have a third bracket. Limited buy-backs will be allowed at the discretion of the directors as necessary to create an even number of 4, 8, or 16 players.
  • A buy-back list will be available to players eliminated in the first two brackets and should they be needed, the players will be selected in order. It will be prioritized by order of elimination.
  • Each Bracket will continue to have a $20 entry fee and an optional $30 and $50 Side Pool. Buy-back participants will be required to pay $20 and can enter a (new) sidepool if they wish.
  • We will continue to maintain the club ranking list on sandiegobackgammon.com and a new club point system will be established and it will be adjusted for the number of participants in each bracket. Details will be available soon on the website. The ranking list to date will not be affected.
  • The date and details of our year-end club championship and holiday party (top 16 seeded players, and an open tournament with added money) will be announced soon


Every Wednesday, 5pm

Beginning at 5pm PST we will accept entries into the tournament and continue to do so until 7pm.


Embassy Suites by Hilton


$20 Entry Fee

$20 entry fee.. Optional side pools will also be available. 

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