New to Backgammon?

Helpful Backgammon Resources for Beginners

We are glad you are here and on your way to exploring backgammon. Below are a few helpful resources that will help you get started. The USBGF also has a New to Backgammon page which is a great resource for beginners.

How To Play Backgammon Correctly!

In this video offering great visuals, learn how to play Backgammon from Watch It Played.

How to Play Backgammon

In this video, learn the necessary concepts to get started with backgammon.

Rules of Backgammon

In this video, Grandmaster Marc Olsen explains the rules of backgammon – from Backgammon Galaxy.

Backgammon Galaxy
United States Backgammon Federation
Backgammon Galore